Special Service Vessels

In accordance with its know-how, SOCARENAM has developed and built special vessels specially designed to meet very specific needs.


Whether it is landing craft, diver support vessels or sonar towing vessels, SOCARENAM is able to offer all types of vessels designed to carry out special missions for military forces. The following references present unique buildings, designed and developed to meet very precise specifications.


Fast landing craft

Construction of six landing craft for French and Egyptian navies. This craft, called EDA-R, is a force projection vessel composed of a mobile platform and a catamaran, it is 30 meters long and 12.4 meters wide. The EDA-R works in combination with the French Navy’s Projection and Control Vessel and is therefore part of the French Amphibious Group.


The EDA-R combines the nautical qualities of a catamaran in cruise mode (speed, seakeeping) and those of a landing barge (shallow draft) in barge mode. It allows the rapid deployment of a first wave of soldiers and vehicles (including tanks) to a theatre of operation.


The speed of this machine is ensured both by its light weight, made possible by a specific aluminum construction, and the deployment of foils driven by hydraulic cylinders. The EDA-R  can reaches a speed of 30 knots light and 20 knots at full load.

Diver support vessel

Design and construction of a diver support vessel for the French Navy. It is a robustly built vessel combining a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure to reduce its weight. It is 60 meters long, 13.2 meters wide and has a draught of 5 meters.


With a long range, this vessel is distinguished by its ability to accommodate many divers and to have specific facilities such as a decompression chamber, a storage area for diving equipment and shell doors with diving platform.


This ship allows versatile operations thanks in particular to its fire-fighting monitor, its 12-ton helicopter platform, its military equipment and its capacity to carry containers and fast boats.

Sonar towing vessel

Delivery of three sonar towing vessel for the French Navy. Their main missions are the monitoring of the seabed up to 80 metres (mainly to protect movements near Brest of nuclear ballistic missile submarines), training for cadets and public service missions (hydrography, monitoring of the exclusive economic zone).


Measuring 28 meters long by 7.7 meters wide, it has a full load displacement of 340 tons and a speed of 10 knots. It is equipped with a towing winch and an electrotractor winch to launch 4-metre-long DUBM41B sonars.