Born in 1933, the MNL company is a 100% subsidiary of SOCARENAM based in Etaples-sur-mer and specialized in the accommodation and arrangement of ships and housings exposed to maritime environment.


MNL has knowledge and capabilities to propose next works and services:

  1. Interior arrangement including insulation, partitions, ceilings, floors lining, stairs, doors,
  2. Outdoor installation including terrace, siding, railings, wooden floor…
  3. Wheelhouse arrangement, frozen fish holds fabrication, floor resin laying, wooden deck installation…


MNL use high quality and marine environment resistant material as exotic woods (Sapelli / Moabi / Teak / Okoumé), stainless steel and/or certified material compliant with IMO WHEELMARK for SOLAS certified Vessels.


Luxury, comfort and resistance are mains concerns of MNL to propose high quality services to main loyal Customers as:

  1. Fishery Owners (trawlers from 12 to 25m),
  2. French Customs (Fast crafts from 30 to 45m),
  3. The French Navy (Patrol boats from 50 to 70m),
  4. Yachting, Passenger Vessels, Hydrographic, dredgers, …,
  5. Holiday Resorts, public construction sector and private villas.


More information about our website : and our Facebook / Instagram  : @MNLfrance