Patrol vessel

In the range of military vessels from 20 to 40m, SOCARENAM has developed and built several patrol vessels to meet the needs of navies and State organizations involved in State Action at Sea.


These ships are designed to carry out missions lasting a few days in the Exclusive Economic Zone. They can comfortably accommodate between 10 and 20 people for various missions. Their size generally allows them to accommodate one or two intervention boats, with their launching equipment, communication and specific equipment necessary for their missions.


SOCARENAM is able to develop a new vessel to meet a specific need or based on the following references.


28m patrol vessel

Design and construction of 4 surveillance boats for the French Customs. These 28m long boats are designed to carry out 2 to 3 day customs and patrols missions in the coastal strip of the EEZ. They comfortably accommodate up to 11 customs officers to carry out their specific missions. A 6.5m rapid response craft, launched by davit, allows the crew to intercept and control the targeted vessels, even in difficult weather conditions. Many detection and communication tools, including a thermal camera, provide discreetly customs officers with information on their environment.

32m patrol vessel

Design and delivery of 2 surveillance boats for the French Customs. These 32m long boats are designed to carry out 3-day missions by taking 12 customs officers on board. A 7.3m fast boat, launched by davit, allows the crew to respond quickly to targeted vessels. Numerous detection and communication instruments, including a high-performance thermal camera, provide customs officers with complete information on the situation.  The entire vessel allows the crew to participate actively to the State  Action at Sea.

43m patrol vessel

Construction and delivery of 2 General Surveillance Vessels for the French Customs. These 43m long vessels are intended to carry out customs missions lasting several days in the French Exclusive Economic Zone. They can accommodate up to 23 customs officers, including crew, who work with one of the two 9.5m and 6.7m boats, launched by davit with anti-pendulum, whatever the weather conditions. These patrol boats are also equipped with the necessary instruments to monitor their environment, including a thermal camera, and a light weaponry consisting of four 12.7mm and 7.62mm machine guns. These particularly robust vessels patrol 300 days a year at sea and actively participate in Customs missions and State Action at Sea.