Oceanic Patrol Vessels

For patrol vessels over 40m long, SOCARENAM has an extensive experience with the construction of several 50m and 60m vessels.


Intended for long patrols in the Exclusive Economic Zone and international waters, these vessels can comfortably accommodate a crew of more than 20 people for several weeks. Entirely dedicated to their patrol missions, these ships are equipped with all the necessary equipment: fast intervention boats, intelligence instruments and sensors, rooms dedicated to their missions, light or heavy weapons…


SOCARENAM can thus propose a tailor-made patrol boat based on the references below or on their numerous preliminary projects from 40 to more than 80m.


Oceanic Customs Patrol Vessel

Design and construction of a 53m offshore patrol boat for the French Customs. This ship is intended to carry out patrols and customs interventions in the high seas. It can accommodate up to 24 people who can respond with one of the two rapid response boats. To intervene in all weathers, these are launched by davit with anti-pendulum and a FLUME stabilizer tank is installed to limit ship’s movements. Also intended to control migratory flows, the patrol boat is equipped for this purpose with a temporary reception room for 20 people directly accessible from the outside. The ship equipment is completed with the necessary sensors, information and communication instruments.

Ready Duty Ship

Delivery of two 53m patrol boats for the Belgian Navy, type Ready Duty Ship. The purpose of these vessels is to strengthen the Navy’s presence off its coasts and to participate in the State Action at Sea.  They are equipped with two fast intervention boats launched up to 12 knots by a davit and a launching ramp. A 12.7mm remotely operated machine gun also enhances the sailors’ ability to control and neutralize targets. Capable of comfortably accommodate 30 crew members, these vessels are equipped with all the necessary equipment and facilities to carry out their missions, such as a diving room, a meeting room, a fire monitor or a 29 Tm crane.

61m patrol vessel

Design and supply of two 61m patrol boats for the Guyana base of the French Navy. Specifically designed to operate in the aggressive environment of French Guiana, these ships are designed to affirm country’s sovereignty in this ultramarine territory. Fisheries surveillance, prevention of illegal trafficking at sea, protection of Kourou space center and control of the maritime territory are the missions assigned to them. Equipped with a 20mm remote-controlled gun, light machine guns of 12.7 and 5.67mm, two 7.5m fast intervention boats, launched by davit and ramp, as well as a fire monitor, these patrol boats are particularly suitable for all their missions, accommodating up to 38 crew members and passengers.