Trawler of the future

In order to build more environmentally friendly vessels, the French Environment & Energy Agency (ADEME) issued a call for projects in 2012 to study and design vessels of the future. SOCARENAM and its partners have proposed to design and build a prototype of the trawler of the future. This project was selected by ADEME and carried out by the project’s stakeholders, as the vessel is now in operation.


The ARPEGE trawler is a prototype of an innovative diesel-electric trawler. The vessel is a 25m multi-purpose stern trawler that can use Danish seine or trawl (bottom or pelagic).


In order to reduce the ship’s fuel consumption, the ship’s hull has been optimized, in particular with a large bow bulb, to offer good performances in terms of hull resistance through water and seaworthiness. To reduce the vessel’s fuel consumption, it was also decided to install a Diesel-Electric propulsion system, with two electric propulsion motors, as well as to use electric motors for winches and other consumers.


These studies and technological choices have resulted in fuel savings of around 25% compared to conventional trawlers.


In order to make the vessel more ergonomic, a covered sorting room has been installed under the main deck where fish arrived via a hopper. The sorting room gives direct access to the 80 m3 fish hold. This significantly improves the working conditions of seafarers who are sheltered and have less handling to do, while also improving living conditions with more spacious accommodation and away from noise sources.


Finally, the trawler is equipped to be able to sort, store and recycle fishing discards, thus anticipating future regulations. It is also equipped with electronic equipment making it safer, cleaner and more selective in its fishing: sonars, smart software, sensors…


ADEME’s conclusions:

ARTE’s report :