Workboat and Survey Vessels

SOCARENAM is able to design and build all types of work, servitude and hydrographic vessels, based on its many years of experience and references.


Vessels made to measure to meet ship-owners’ needs, they are equipped with dedicated equipment to carry out their tasks. With a robust design, they assist ship-owners in their marine jobs for which they have been specifically designed.


Survey catamaran

Design and construction of two hydrographic catamarans for Bibby group. These ships, of the stable and economical semi-SWATH type, are equipped with a wide range of hydrographic instruments and sensors (multibeam sounder, single beam, side-scan sonar, etc.) to carry out measurement campaigns. Equipped with an A-frame, a crane, a wet laboratory and a silent diesel-electric propulsion system coupled with a DP1 system, these catamarans are truly complex working platforms, entirely designed to carry out their missions.

Multipurpose vessel

Design and construction of a multipurpose ship for DAB Vloot Belgian shipwoner. This 45m “Swiss army knife” is intended to carry out all the missions necessary for the servitude of Belgian ports. Hydrographic surveys, pilot transfers, buoy maintenance and fire-fighting are some of the missions this ship can carry out. Equipped with all the necessary equipment (multibeam sounder, offshore cranes, buoy handling winches, fire monitors…), the vessel can also accommodate up to 30 people in comfortable conditions, with notably a gyroscopic compensation system to reduce rolling movements.

Oceanic buoy handling vessel

Construction of two oceanic buoy handling vessel for the Light & Beacons French Administration. These vessels are intended to maintain and install floating maritime markings. For this purpose, they are equipped with a 125 Tm crane, a winch for lifting buoy’s anchors and more than 130m² of working deck covered with sacrificial wood. These robust vessels are equipped with 2 cycloidal thrusters, a bow thruster and a dynamic positioning system allowing them to operate even in difficult conditions.


Delivery of a grab hopper dredger for the General Council of Pyrénées Atlantiques. This ship is equipped with a hydraulic crane to dredge the seabed up to a depth of 10m and an openable hold to store and discharge the dredged sediments at sea. This vessel is equipped with anchor piles, azimuth thrusters and a bow thruster to position itself precisely. Its equipment is completed with a lifting winch and a towing hook to make it a versatile harbor workboat.

Self-propelled crane pontoon

Supply of five self-propelled crane pontoons for the French Navy. These 21 m self-propelled pontoons have been designed to assist sailors during maintenance of French Navy’s ships and arsenals. Equipped with a high span crane, a lifting winch and a 90 m² working deck covered with sacrificial wood, they are particularly well equipped for transport and crane operations of equipment, anchors and other heavy packages.