River Boats

SOCARENAM has carried out several projects for the construction of river boats intended to be operated on canals and rivers in France and in Europe.


These vessels have to respect strict dimensional constraints (width, draft and air and length) in order to guarantee the operations and should accommodate specific equipment necessary for their missions.


SOCARENAM can design new projects with specific needs for the realization of river boats. Here after few references of the company:


River push boat

Design and construction of eight fluvial push boat for the CFT Company. These push boats, with a length of 22m, are intended to push convoys of 180m long and 6700 tons of weight displacement on the Rhone and the Seine rivers. Each boat is fitted with a telescopic gangway which can go up to 14 meters to ensure good visibility to the crew captain.

River tug Boat

Conception and fabrication of one fluvial tug boat for the French National Police. This boat is operated in Paris and intended to assist the forces of the National Police for its current Seine river missions. Polyvalent boat, it has 11 tons of traction, a crane of 2.1 tons and a water gun.