Passengers Vessels

Design and construction of passengers’ vessels is subject to strict requirement, while also answering to specific operational needs. SOCARENAM is able to deliver to owners the passenger vessels matching to their specific needs thank to its experience with this kind of vessel.


Either with individual cabins, passenger lounges, vehicles deck or Roro ramps, a passenger vessel distinguish itself from other vessels with specificity driving its design. Those ships are also used intensively so they must be robust and reliable while ensuring the well-being of passengers.


SOCARENAM has studied and delivered several passengers vessels, each of them has been designed for a specific commercial route.


Seine’s ferries

Design and construction of double –ended car ferries for the General Council of Seine-Maritime. These 60m ships are equipped with movable ramps at both ends to embark light vehicles and trucks quickly and in both directions of navigation. The ships can accommodate up to 200 passengers and 4 trucks (or 28 light vehicles) for short crossings of the Seine.

Gironde’s ferry

Delivery of a ferry for the General Council of Gironde. This 60m ferry has two boarding ramps on the side of the ship, specifically designed to fit boarding slipways of the line operated by the ship. The vessel can carry 40 cars or 20 cars and 4 buses or trucks, as well as 300 passengers in closed lounges for crossings of the Gironde estuary.