Offshores Vessel

Among the maritime sectors using very specific vessels, the offshore and oil sector is one of the most important. In this context, SOCARENAM participated in several projects for the construction of tailor-made vessels.


As multifunctional work tools, offshore support vessels must meet a multitude of technical constraints allowing them to carry out many missions efficiently and safely, whether it is assistance and supply of platforms and dredges, underwater works, anchors handling or even fire-fighting.


SOCARENAM is able to design and build all types of offshore and oil tankers.


Offshore Supply Vessel

Construction of two offshore Supply Vessel vessels for the BOURBON group. These 75m x 20m vessels are intended for the maintenance of oil installations, production maintenance work and underwater inspection. They are equipped with a DP2 dynamic positioning system, 8 anchor points, a 40T offshore crane at 9m and 780m² working deck, while accommodating 100 people for the accomplishment of their missions.

Barge support de drague

Design and supply of two dredger support barges for the DEME group. These 29m x 12m units are designed to supply the dredges with consumables and various equipment, to install pipes and to lift anchors and heavy loads. For this purpose, they are equipped with two strong cranes (240 and 80 Tm) as well as two high-capacity winches (150 and 30T).