Firefighting Vessels

Essential vessels for all ports, SOCARENAM has designed and developed a range of fire-fighting vessels for firefighters responding to incidents related to ship fires, port infrastructure fires and assistance/rescue at sea.


These fires are particularly violent and dangerous, requiring effective, robust and reliable means of intervention. These ships are designed around fire pumps, the raison d’être of these buildings, and have different means of firefighting: monitors, hoses, coupling… They must also be maneuvering and relatively fast to respond quickly and effectively to the disaster.


SOCARENAM offers to its customers vessels specially designed for firefighting, custom-build or based on existing references.


Firefighting barge

Design and construction of two non-motorized barges for the fire brigades of Brest and Toulon navy bases. They are equipped with three 450 m3/h fire pumps driven by three enclosed Diesel engines. These pumps supply 28 Guillemin couplings directly with seawater or mixed with an emulsifier, via a 4m3 tank. These barges are intended to be towed near disasters to assist shore-based firefighters.

Fast Response Vessel

Delivery of two fire-fighting launches for firefighters of Brest and Toulon arsenals. These boats of just under 20m in length are specially designed to fight ship fires. For this purpose, they are equipped with two 270 m3/h water and foam monitors, a “water-spray” network for self-protection and a fire collector that can supply 14 hoses. To fight against disasters, the launch can accommodate 6 firefighters equipped with a rest room and a medical room.

Light Pump Vessel

Construction and supply of two fire-fighting vessels for the Marine and Fire Brigade of Marseille. These 24m vessels are equipped with three fire monitors controlled from the wheelhouse, with a hydraulic capacity of 1200 m3/h, supplied directly with seawater or mixed with emulsifier via the 6m3 tank. The vessel can also accommodates 10 equipped firefighters who can attack the disaster using the 14 Guillemin couplings, respond with the 5.5m servitude boat or dive from the rear platform. A rest room and a health area that can accommodate an injured person are also located in the superstructures.