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SOCARENAM, A leading Shipyard in France

Since 1961, SOCARENAM offers best expertise for the design and fabrication of Ships, from the first draft up to Turnkey Delivery at Home Port. SOCARENAM controls all skills to develop robustness, reliable and Quality made Vessels able to sail Worldwide.
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A Wide Range of Vessels

A Wide Range of Vessels

At the beginning, SOCARENAM was only specialized in fishing vessels fabrication. Since 1990, the shipyard has diversified its range of vessels to become today the French reference in the fabrication of fast crafts, Patrol vessels and Special ships dedicated to Sea Countries Protection and Customs. A large range of Sea Proven Vessels have been delivered to Police, Coast Guards and Defence Administration. The Range is completed by   passenger vessels, survey vessels, offshore support vessels, sea-river vessels, ships Port servitude …
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